Young Scientists and Student Support

IPTC supports the US and Eurasian junior scientists working in the areas of (1) ICP/RF plasma generation, diagnostics, and modeling, (2) Plasma gasification of biosolids, including sewage sludge, (3) Synthesis of new materials, including boron nitrade nano-tubes, (4) Plasma based systems for planetary life support, (5) Plasma thrusters for deep space propulsion. Will be happy to hear your fresh ideas. We envision providing work grants for 1-2 junior scientists within 2023-2024 to work at our strategic partner’s (Applied Plasma Technologies, Corp.) brand new test facilities in Marshall, VA (USA) or other National Plasma Center. Such support would include lodging, meals, transportation, and per diem. IPTC will also provide up to 3 travel grants for junior scientists and/or students to attend ICPAT-13 and present their research results. Feel free to contact Dr. Igor Matveev, President, with your request.