Coal 2

Plasma Coal Gasification Pilot Plant

Progress in the development of high power, high efficiency, and long-lasting plasma sources enables many technologies, including coal gasification. A pilot plant based on a recently-engineered line of hybrid torches, based on a suggested APT flow diagram is shown in schematic form in Fig. 1. This pilot plant is currently under development by an international team, including research centers and scientists from the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, and Germany.

Fig.1. Coal gasification pilot plant: 1 – coal dust; 2 - water; 3 – slurry tank; 4 – slurry pump; 5 – slurry feeder;
6 – plasma torch cooling water input; 7 – igniter; 8 – start up gas; 9 – plasma gas (air or oxygen); 10 – plasma torch; 11 – plasma torch power supply; 12 – oxidant (O2); 13 – triple vortex gasification chamber; 14 – oxygen separation unit; 15 - synthesis gas cooler – water/steam boiler; 16 – water input; 17 – hot water or steam output; 18 – fan;
19 – cyclone filter; 20 – fine particles filter; 21 – syngas control and distribution unit; 22 – synthesis gas compressors; 23 – syngas storage tank; 24 – power generation unit, optionally IC engine, turbine or boiler.

The customers - coal and power generation enterprises from several countries plan to establish pilot test facilities near coal mines and coal fired power stations to eventually implement technology initially based on 50-150 kW torches with further scale-up and the utilization of different feedstocks and oxidants as oxygen, CO2, and water steam. The pilot plants will generate syngas, pure hydrogen, electricity and steam/hot water for district heating. As an option, they could be converted into a mobile version for remote sites to generate electrical power and heat.

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