Announcing a Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science Plasma-Assisted Technologies

(Scheduled for March 2024)

IPTC supports IEEE with soliciting and reviewing papers for its annual Special Issue on Plasma Assisted Technologies (in IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci.). The intention of this Special Issue is to provide an integrated forum for high-quality publications in the field and to promote further interest and exchange of technical information in this exciting and technologically important area of plasma science. Contributions are solicited in, but not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Physics/chemistry of effects of plasmas on flames, chemically reactive flows, including those at high speeds, and deflagration-to detonation transitions.
  • Use of plasmas to promote and/or improve efficiency in engines (automotive, aircraft, land-based vehicles, etc.) or flames and/or burners.
  • Plasma sources (e.g., jets/torches, and others) for improved ignition, flame control, fuel reformation, and waste processing.
  • Applications to aircraft pulsed detonation engines, ramjets, and scramjets.
  • Applications to pollution reduction (i.e., combustion efficiency improvement and exhaust-gas cleaning).
  • Applications to fuel reforming/conversion/gasification (e.g., coal or other fossil fuels to hydrogen, waste to energy).
  • Applications to propulsion (plasma aerodynamics), sound abatement and drag reduction.
  • Applications to alternative energy sources.
  • Plasma-assisted advanced oxidation/reduction technology for water treatment.
Both full-paper and shorter technical-note manuscripts will receive consideration for publication in this Special Issue. The manuscripts submission deadline is September 1, 2023 at the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science IEEE Manuscript Central website at For more information about this Special Issue please visit

Questions regarding the Special Issue on Plasma-Assisted Combustion can be addressed to the Guest Editors:

Dr. Igor Matveev
Applied Plasma Technologies
4460 Whiting Road
Marshall, VA 20115
Phone: 703-340-5545